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Coopers Rock may be the best place in the Eastern United States to try rock climbing for the first time or to learn the fundamental skills that will prepare you to climb on your own. It’s also an excellent place to focus on more advanced skills. Easy access, high quality rock, routes of varying difficulty and style, an abundance of natural anchors and spectacular scenery all contribute to the experience! Add CRCG’s expert instruction and group facilitation and you have the perfect combination.

In addition to the Coopers Rock, we also guide and instruct many of our courses at Seneca Rocks, WV in the nearby North Fork Valley.
CRCG would also love to share with you the beautiful backcountry of Coopers Rock State Forest and the rest of the region via backpacking, mountain biking or cross country skiing.  Explore some of West Virginia’s most beautiful places, and perhaps learn a few technical skills along the way!

When reserving a full-day with CRCG, consider participating in multiple activities!

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