New Class: Outdoor Climbing 101


This two day, 12-hour course is designed for people who have little or no climbing experience as well as climbers interested in transitioning from indoor to outdoor climbing. We maintain a 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio and customize every class for your goals, prior experience, and progress.


  • Identify and understand various types of rock climbing
  • Basic climbing techniques and movements
  • How to safely belay a partner
  • How to set up safe, efficient top rope anchors in a variety of scenarios
  • How to safely rappel down from a climb
  • Required personal and group equipment


Learn by doing in Outdoor Climbing 101. You will be rock climbing, rappelling, tying knots and building anchors for the large majority of your course time. You will leave this course with the experience and confidence needed to go out and set up climbs for yourself and your partners


CRCG instructors are well-trained and highly experienced professionals. Each instructor brings years of climbing experience, professional training, and effective teaching methods to the table. Learn more about our team here.


Outdoor Climbing 101: $239 per person

  • 12 hours of personal instruction.
    • Two 6-hour days (class begins at 10:00am and ends at 4:00pm each day)
  • We provide all required technical and personal equipment
  • 2:1 maximum student-to-instructor ration ensures a customized learning experience aligned with your goals and progress.
  • Special discounts from our partners at Pathfinder WV if you choose to purchase your own equipment before or after the course.