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Plan the perfect adventure for your group

Perfect for Groups

Coopers Rock is possibly the best place on the east coast for group climbing trips. A wide variety of high quality climbs wait for you just 5 minutes from the main parking area. This allows us to accommodate groups of all sizes, types, and skill levels. If you have a group of 5 or more, you qualify for special group rates.


Every group has the challenge of accommodating people with a variety of skill, fitness, and fear levels. We solve that problem by setting up several climbs and rappels that vary in difficulty and height so there's something for everyone. As the trip continues, our guides will adjust and add new routes based on your group's needs. 


As the premier guide company at Coopers Rock, we work with a wide variety of groups. We regularly build custom trips and activities for:

  • Scouts
  • Church and Youth Groups
  • Families
  • Work Teams
  • and More

This experience has helped us become experts at catering and customizing activities for groups of all types. We can absolutely help you meet your specific needs and make sure that you get a one-of-a-kind experience that will be a highlight of your group's discussions for years to come.


Our guides are trained professionals who will customize your experience based on your goals, group dynamics, and feedback. We're obsessed with providing safe, fun, and exciting experiences and will go out of our way to make sure your time at Coopers is memorable and rewarding.


Customize Your Trip

Our group activities can accommodate 5 to 24 participants and include any combination of climbing, rappelling, and hiking. We adjust the activities, difficulty, and focus of every trip to meet your specific goals. 

Choose a Duration

Group trips can be either 4 or 6 hours in length. Choose based on how much time you have available, how fit your group is, and how much of the forest you'd like to explore.

Mix and Match Activities

Include any combination of climbing, rappelling, and guided hiking to ensure that there's something for everyone in your group. Choose to focus each activity on adventure or education/instruction depending on what type of experience fits your group best.

Offer multiple choices

Optionally, run multiple activities at the same time and allow participants to personalize their experience. For example: 

  • Offer a guided hike as an alternative for those who don't wish to climb
  • Allow participants to move freely between climbing and rappelling at their discretion

We can help you decide

Not sure what activities to include? We're here to help. After discussing your intentions and options, we can suggest a plan that we feel is best suited to your needs.

How To Book

Group rates are customized based on the number of guides needed to make sure you have an excellent time. To receive your quote or ask a question, please contact us at (844) 254-6227 or by using the form below. 

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